Our NZ Beef Products

The Original Aussie Butcher is a NZ owned company trading since 1984. The Aussie Butcher strives to sell only the finest quality fresh Beef, Pork Lamb and Chicken available in NZ.

Aussie Butcher NZ Beef

At The Aussie Butcher we are proud to say that we only stock “quality mark” NZ Beef. This means that our customers are guaranteed to get only the best “New Zealand” Beef available.

We stock all the traditional beef cuts that you would expect to find at your local butcher. Cuts like steak. chops, casserole and stewing cuts, roasts, barbeque cuts, slow cooker cuts, stir fry, mince and so much more. We never import second or third grade meat (unlike some of our competitors).

Aged Steaks

All of our prime steaks like scotch fillet, rump steak, sirloin steak and eye fillet have been aged in our own chillers for at least two to three weeks before we slice them. The ageing process involves taking all of these prime beef cuts and vacuum packing them. What then happens is the natural enzymes found in the meat break down the muscle tissue and that’s when the meat becomes tenderer to the bite and full of flavour.

Beef Roasts

We have a great selection of beef and lamb roasts, bone in or bone out. beef roasts like topside, bolar, wing rib, standing rib, eye fillet and all our rolled beef roasts are trimmed and rolled on the premises daily by qualified tradesmen with no short cuts made, so you know you are getting a roast rolled roast beef like it was 50 years ago. Some lamb roasts include bone in lamb leg, boneless lamb leg, bone in lamb shoulders, boneless lamb shoulders, lamb racks and lamb shanks.

Value Added Beef

We also have an extensive range of “value added”beef and lamb cuts that you may not find in other meat retail outlets. value added means we take a traditional cut of meat and we add value to this product removing bones or adding other ingredients to the product to make it more interesting. some of these products include , marinated and butterflied lamb legs and shoulders, boneless lamb noisettes, crusted lamb racks, boneless stuffed beef and lamb roasts, beef wellington, blue cheese filled steaks, beef and lamb kebabs, homemade burger patties and many more.

All of these products are backed up by well trained butchers who can give you great easy to follow cooking instructions and ideas on any of our products, and if there is a cut of meat for that special recipe you like just tell one of our friendly staff and we will be more than happy to make that happen.

(These products may vary from store to store but can be ordered in advance)

Wagyu Beef In-store Now!

Have you ever wanted to try Wagyu Beef? Well now you can without paying through the nose for it at a fancy restaurant in Japan. The Aussie Butcher are now proud stockist of NZ grown Wagyu Beef. Wagyu Beef (Literally Japanese Cow) refers to breeds of cattle genetically predisposed to intense marbling and to producing a high percentage of oleaginous unsaturated fat.The Meat form Wagyu cattle is known world wide for it’s marbling characteristics ,increased eating quality through a naturally enhanced flavour, tenderness and juiciness and high market value. Wagyu Beef cattle yields a higher percentage of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids than typical beef. The increased marbling also improves the ratio of mono-unsaturated fats to saturated fats. In Japan you can expect to pay up US $50 for a 150gm Fillet steak, now you can try Wagyu Beef for a fraction of the cost from your local Aussie Butcher.. So spoil yourself today and try something different to impress your family and friends.

Why Choose us

The Aussie Butcher sources only the finest quality meats available in NZ. All our fresh carcass beef, lamb, chicken and pork is all New Zealand product and is delivered daily and expertly butchered and processed on site. This way we can maintain a high quality product and guarantee our customers are getting the very best for their money. The Aussie Butcher employs over 70 staff and also modestly donates to a number of charities, sports clubs and organisations.

Cooking tips

The Original Aussie Butcher is a NZ owned company trading since 1984. The Aussie Butcher strives to sell only the finest quality fresh Beef, Pork Lamb and Chicken available in NZ.


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