The Original Aussie Butcher


At The Aussie Butcher we are proud to say that we sell only first grade fresh New Zealand Pig-Care accredited Pork in all our stores. We demand only the best quality pork from our suppliers and pass this quality on to our customers.

Pork Cuts

We sell all the traditional pork cuts like pork leg and shoulder roasts, pork fillets, pork loin and shoulder chops, pork belly and slices, pork loin and leg steaks. We even sell the heads, bones, trotters and a full range of pork offal.

Value Added

We also have range of value added pork cuts, value added means we remove bones or add ingredients to a product and make a product more interesting. Some of these products are boneless rolled loins of pork with cherry and walnut stuffing, apricot and cream cheese filled pork loin roasts, seasoned pork loin chops and slices, standing pork racks, fresh bbq pork patties, pork kebabs, sweet and sour pork hot pot, marinated bbq pork spare ribs and much more.

Free Range Pork

We also have a small range of “freedom farm” free farmed pork in selected Aussie Butcher stores, this can be ordered in advance if you require large amounts. Free range bacon and bacon hocks are also available, just asked one of our friendly staff.