The Original Aussie Butcher

New Zealand Only Meats

The Aussie Butcher is a New Zealand owned company that has been trading since 1984. The Aussie Butchers company policy is to sell fresh Pork, Beef, Lamb and Chicken of New Zealand origin only.

Many meat retailers and supermarkets in New Zealand sell imported fresh and frozen meats. What they save the customer in dollars they may compromise quality. As most people know New Zealand has one of the highest “Clean Green” images around and our climate helps produce some of the best meat stocks in the world.

The Aussie Butcher is probably best known for the quality of the meat they sell and by only buying New Zealand grown stock we can guarantee not to compromise our quality.

So the next time you shop with The Aussie Butcher you can be sure that the steak or the roast or the Casserole you are eating has been grown in the Land of the Long White Cloud.