Meat Packs

The Aussie Butcher has a variety of meat packs available to meet your needs. All of these packs are made using the same high quality products that we sell everyday. We have our convenient $15.00, $20.00 and $25.00 meat packs which change from time to time depending on the season or time of year. These packs can be anything from steak packs, lamb chop packs, pork packs, bbq packs, chicken packs, roast packs, mixed packs and breakfast packs.

We also have a selection of larger meat packs that can pre-ordered in advance for your local sports club, social club or business or we can make one up in store while you wait. Choose from these meat pack options or we can customise a meat pack to suit your needs and budget.

Pack 1 (50 people) – $199
– 40 x 150g BBQ Steaks
– 100 Pre-Cooked Sausages
– 40 Chicken Kebabs
Pack 2 – $175
– 25 Rump Steaks
– 50 Homemade Sausages
– 4Kg Chicken Nibbles
Pack 3 – $140
– 20 Rump Steaks
– 40 Homemade Sausages
– 3kg Chicken Nibbles
Pack 4 – $99
– 4Kg Rolled Pork
– 4Kg Rolled Beef
Pack 5 (30 people) – $99
– 4Kg Pork Spare Ribs
– 50 Pre-Cooked Sausages
– 25 Chicken Kebabs