The Original Aussie Butcher


We are proud to be stockist of fresh and frozen New Zealand grown Chicken. We purchase most of our Chicken from reputable poultry produces like “brinks chicken” and “tegel foods”. Our Chicken is delivered daily and processed on site so we can guarantee the freshest quality Chicken available.

Along with all the basic chicken cuts like breasts, drumsticks, legs, wings, thighs and nibbles we also have a huge range of value added chicken products. Value added means we take a meat products and remove the bones and add other special ingredients to make it more interesting. in fact we have over one hundred different products that we can make from a chicken. some of these products are:

  • Chicken kebabs
  • Chicken roll ups
  • Boned & rolled chickens
  • Chicken kievs
  • Southern style chicken
  • Butterflied chickens
  • Curried chicken
  • Semi boned chicken
  • Chicken schnitzels
  • Chicken sun downers
  • Chicken cordon bleus
  • Chicken steaks
  • Marinated chicken strips
  • Chicken patties
  • Sweet and sour chicken
  • Lovely legs

We also have a selection of free range chicken and free range eggs, whole smoked chickens and smoked chicken breasts.

Turkey and Duck

Not only do we have a great range of chicken products but also turkey and duck products are available. Whole frozen turkeys are available all year round and at Christmas time we sell fresh barn raised and free range turkeys.

We highly recommend that you pre order fresh turkeys at Christmas time as stocks are limited. Turkey portions are also available, breasts and drums are the most popular. We can even bone and roll a turkey with your own homemade stuffing if you like. Whole ducks are available all year round, fresh or frozen. and we sell duck legs and breasts and wings. Geese are also available but only at Christmas and must be pre ordered.