The Original Aussie Butcher

New Zealand Only Meats

The Original Aussie Butcher is a New Zealand owned company that has been trading since 1984. The Aussie Butcher’s company policy is to sell fresh Pork, Beef, Lamb and Chicken of New Zealand origin only.

Aussie Butcher only sells New Zealand meat of the very best quality, never importing from Australia or other countries. This helps to support the local farmers, markets and the New Zealand economy, as well as employing over 70 staff and modestly donating to a number of charities and sports organisations


Premium Beef Mince

$9.99kg Fresh NZ Premium Beef Mince, only $9.99kg

Chuck Steak And Gravy Beef

$10.99kgFresh NZ Chuck Steak And Gravy Beef, only $10.99kg

Rolled Roast Beef

$10.99eaFresh NZ Rolled Roast Beef, only $10.99kg

Brisket on the Bone

$5.99kgFresh Brisket on the Bone, only $5.99kg


Grey Power Members and Gold Card Members

Aussie Butcher will give a 5% discount to Grey Power Members and Gold Card members. Pop in today and see our great range and meet our helpful staff.